[PyAALib-JyAALib - Release]

For all platforms: pyaalib-jyaalib-rc5.tar

[Compatible systems - tested so far]

WindowsXP - SP2 :: Python + Jython
Windows Vista :: Python + Jython
Linux - RHE4 :: Python + Jython
Linux - Ubuntu :: Python + Jython
MacOS X :: Python + Jython


Python 2.2 or later
Jython 2.2 or Later
JavaSDK 6.0 or Later

[PyAALib-JyAALib::Install Instructions]

For all plataforms:
untar the file "pyaalib-jyaalib-rc5.tar", and copy where you want.
[Note]: please add the "ROOT_AALIB/modules" folder for your PYTHONPATH, classpath and your PATH...

[Note]: Self Install packages will be available with the final Release.

[PyAALib-JyAALib::Subversion download]

For all plataforms:
Use anonymous login to download the day by day code
WARNING: maybe unstable or with new features

use the Subversion command:
svn co https://jyaalib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jyaalib jyaalib

more details in the subversion site: http://subversion.tigris.org

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