[Objectives of the Framework]

- Independent of the System architecture and OS;
- Independent of the Programming Language;
- Independent of the Programming IDE;
- Full OOP design Object Oriented Programming;
- One code running in all plataforms with the same features and actions;
- Asynchronous Multithread Actions + Thread Safety + Grid Computing;
- Advanced Resources and Generic Application Design (i.e.: RAID);
- Implements the standard internet services and protocols;
- Use only Objects with simple and standard definitions;
- Each Object is independent and self-contained (no hierarchy
  to generate and manage entities);
- The data persistence is assured by each individual object and
  is preserved when it is shared with other entities
  or stored (duplication or other operation);
- Complete and independent Unittest framework;
- Multithread exception handling and log;
- Automatic generation of code documentation in html, pdf, and man;
- Incorporate Debug and Exception control Model;
- Well defined code syntax and rules for the code design;
- Simple code maintenance (everything is an independent object
  defined by a class, all code is identical in all operatinal system);
- Code reliability (i.e.: runtime flow control robustness);
- No necessary external licenses or agreements;
- Massive tested and in continuous support and improvement;
- Full compatible with all C, C++ and Python standart libraries
  and frameworks;
- It can be deployed in/with other code languages as Java and C++;

[Basic Design Patterns Included in the Framework]

- MVC Design Pattern = Model-View-Controller;
- Object Factory Design Pattern = Plugin Model;
- Callback Design Pattern = Generic code connection and execution;

[External Code Dependencies - libraries, framework]

- Standard official Python version: 2.2 or later;
- Jython version: 2.2 or later;
- JavaSDK version: 6.0 or later;
- Tested and used on: Linux, WindowsXP, Solaris, WinCygwin and MacOS X.

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