[For developers]

If you are using the PyAALib-JyAALib and you want to present
your project send us an email with a summary description and web adress.
We will show it here.

[EDNA Project] http://www.edna-site.org

EDNA will be a new generation environment for automation of the
collection of X-ray diffraction data from macromolecular crystals,
developed on the foundations of the project automateD collectioN of datA(“DNA”, http://www.dna.ac.uk ).
The Partners, which have already collaborated under the DNA
framework, expect EDNA to attract and pool
resources from a number of different organisations under a
common management framework, so ensuring a broad
development team and promoting general uptake, ensuring the
longevity of the initiative and reducing the possibility
of supplier risk. Having such an initiative with open standards
and code availability will facilitate exchange of
information, technology and enhancements.


Other Projects using the PyAALib Library - Python only

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